Make Sure Your Cat Lives Its Best Life With Our Vet Advice For Cats

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There are a lot of things you need to consider as a responsible cat owner. The most important priority is the pet’s health

We always try to give our feline friend-or pets in general-a cuddle, a groom, a makeover, and the like to ensure they look as cute as possible. But we must never forget that while our pets look cute, they should also be healthy. 

And not just healthy, like being well-fed or taking daily walks. They, like humans, must have their regular checkups as well. 

So, a vet visit should be in order if you’re considering it due to a suspected health problem or simply for a regular yearly checkup.

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The Uniqueness Of Cat Care

House cats aren’t just small dogs. They have different personalities, ways of acting, and healthcare needs. Cats and their owners are very different. It is harder to train cats than dogs because they will not sit or stay when asked.

When working with cats, vets have to do things differently. For instance, if you want to look at a cat, you have to earn its trust and respect. You can’t make a cat do something it doesn’t want to do. Working with very young children is a lot like working with cats. You must convince the cat that it wanted to open its mouth, not that you made it do it.

Different training programs have been made to teach vets and other people who care for cats how to do things that are unique to cats. This sensitive species is less stressed because of this knowledge. Cat-Friendly Practice and Fear Free are two programs that people like. You could look for veterinarian with these credentials or a feline specialist to care for your cat.

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Some Common Cat Health Problems

Because cats are so different from dogs, they are more likely to get some diseases. Many of these are long-term conditions that occur when organs change slowly over time. Thank goodness, many cats now live to be very old. These days, it’s not unusual to treat cats that are 20 years old. However, this means that we see more cats with illnesses common in older cats, like kidney disease and thyroid disease.

The best way to prevent complications is to get your cat checked out once a year. Remember, preventive care is the best care. Based on the physical exam results, your vet may suggest regular blood tests to rule out any internal changes. Some of the most common illnesses seen in cats are listed below.

  • Long-term kidney disease
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary trouble (feline lower urinary tract disease, crystals, or urinary obstruction)
  • A cold or flu in the upper airways
  • Dental disease
  • Cancer

For your cat’s health and longevity, you might want to keep it inside. Many cats in the UK can go outside, so fights with other cats and car accidents are common ways for cats to get hurt. Hence, it is best to keep your cat indoors.

Every pet owner knows that cats are very susceptible to infectious diseases, and cat flu is one of the most common illnesses we see. Other common diseases include feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), feline leukaemia (FeLV), and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). So, getting vaccinated against viruses that could kill you is also crucial.

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Zero Stress Environment For Your Cat

Even though some places only treat cats, these places are not always easy to find. A separate wing or building in a hospital that is only for cats is a good alternative. These facilities are essential, as a cat who has to wait in a room full of noisy dogs is likely to become very stressed. The cat is harder to look at, has a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure, and lab tests, like blood sugar levels, are often affected.

A companion animal practice sees dogs more than any other animal. When going to a vet, you will likely run into a dog while waiting.

You can save yourself and your cat all the troubles with online vet advice for cats.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Virtual Vet Advice For Cats

Online vets do vet work for their clients over the internet, as the name suggests. This can be done by phone, video chat, or, in some cases, online chat rooms.

Some online vets run their business through a website, while others have made their own app. They all offer a virtual service, meaning they don’t see your pet in person.

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Why You Should Talk To A Vet Online

Online vets aren’t meant to replace your local vet. Instead, they offer a service that helps your local vet. Local vets may make you wait a few hours or even a few days, but online vets are usually open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This means you could talk to a vet or vet nurse right away instead of having to wait for an appointment. Online vets can be cheaper or even free with some pet insurance plans. They can also help you talk to a vet faster.

Can Online Vets Write Prescriptions For Medicine?

During your online consultation, if your online vet decides that your pet needs feline medicine that can only be bought with a prescription, they can’t give it to you. This is because you need to see a doctor in person to get a prescription for medicine.

Instead, most online vets will send you to your local vet with a note about your visit and what they think your local vet should give you. Then, your local vet can meet with you in person and give you the prescription you need.

How Do You Know If You Need To Contact An Online Vet?

Even though online vets can’t give your pet medicine, they can be very helpful in other ways. Pet owners commonly talk to an online vet to ask about minor health problems like stomach upsets or abnormal skin conditions.

In these situations, an online vet can help put your mind at ease or send you to your regular vet if they think the problem is more serious.

What Does An Online Vet Do During A Consultation?

When you book your appointment online, either through the website or an app, you’ll be connected to a fully-trained veterinarian or veterinary care nurse clinics.

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Most online vets generally use a service like Zoom, FaceTime, or WhatsApp video calling that works like a video chat. So they can talk to you and watch a video of your pet. You can also attach photos if you can’t link to a video.

During the consultation, if the online vet thinks you need to be seen in person, they can write a referral to your local vet. This way, your local vet will also have your consultation notes.

After your online appointment with the vet, most of them will send you a follow-up email. The follow-up email will tell you about your appointment and any advice that was given.

A Healthy Cat Is A Happy Cat

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As pet owners, we should only want what’s best for our pets. It is our job to learn the important things and take the necessary steps to ensure that our pet is living their best possible life.

If you’re concerned about minor health problems or need checkups for your cat, book a call now! We’ll connect you with the best vets possible.


If this is a new problem, we will need to check out your pet. Your pet’s well-being is the most important thing, so an exam is needed to determine the best course of action and treatment for your pet.

Many things can make animals itch. The flea is the biggest problem. If your pet isn’t up-to-date on flea medicine or is very sensitive to fleas, it can be uncomfortable and itchy.

Definitely! Cats age about 5 years for every human year, so going to the vet once a year is about the same as going to the doctor every 5 years. It’s also a good time to get your cat vaccinated because, well, our cat’s health is also highly affected by vaccinations.