Something you were dreading to happen for so long, has finally happened. Your dog just consumed some butter and that’s why you are here looking for answers to My Dog Ate A Stick Of Butter, what to do now?

Eating butter is not going to make your dog sick unless your dog eats a whole bunch at once. In which case they may get an upset stomach. It is certainly not going to poison your dog. However too much fat in a dog does the same thing to the dog as it does to you. It makes him overweight. 

Everything depends on the amount of butter consumed. In the short and long run, the amount of butter consumed can show effects, if not now, later. Butter being eaten by your dog is not really a threat to the life of your dog, immediately. But just because it’s not an immediate threat does not mean that butter is not dangerous for your dog at all.

Can Butter Cause Harm to a Dog?


Yes, butter can cause harm to a dog. Dogs are usually lactose intolerant and hence dairy products cannot and should not be included in their diets. Most adult dogs turn out to be lactose intolerant, so you need to be very careful with keeping them close to dairy products. It’s risky. 

But the amount and type of butter play a heavy role in determining the present and future health of your dog. Butter consumed in big amounts can definitely lead to no good but only weight gain and obesity in your dog. Since butter is high in calories, your dog eating butter will only get them to be overweight. 

Just as we humans put on weight after having a high-calorie intake, the same happens when it comes to dogs. 

Now there are cases where a dog may unknowingly cross limits and eat the butter wrapper too. If you ever come into such a situation, the first thing you need to do is immediately contact your vet since this can be a choking hazard.

The type of butter, amount of butter eaten, and last but not least the amount of fat content in the butter play major roles in determining the health of your dog in the short run as well as long run. Why does the fat content in the butter matter? Since the fat content can damage your dog’s pancreas, it can easily lead to inflammation of the pancreas, which is pancreatitis. It is on the list of life-threatening conditions for dogs.

What are the symptoms of pancreatitis?

What happens if My Dog Ate A Stick Of Butter?

Each and every pet parent is aware of how dogs are as good as toddlers in the house. The curiosity in them as well as the inability to decide what is bad and good for them makes them get their paws on anything and everything. They aren’t supposed to eat. 

We know it does get difficult to keep track of your pets all the time since you cannot keep your eyes on them 24/7, it’s impossible. There are certain foods like chocolate, grapes, caffeine, onions, and garlic that are extremely toxic and dangerous for the health of your dogs. And that is why it is important, actually, let’s just call it mandatory to keep these food items miles away from your dogs. Luckily, not all food items can be life-threatening. 

Let us tell you what the first thing you should be expecting after your dog has eaten butter, it is: your dog might have a bloated stomach. Continuously losing stools for a certain time period of maybe a few hours or days after their stomachs are bloated are the things you can expect after your dog has eaten butter. 

What are the ingredients in butter that trigger the good health of your dog the most? Butter consists of oils that your pet won’t be able to easily digest and butter also has a high content of salts which is again not good for their systems. 

Common Health Problems

The main problem with dogs consuming butter is that butter has a high-fat content which is not good for your dog’s good health. The high-fat content as well as the oil that butter contains don’t let your dogs digest it well. Due to a sudden consumption of fat, your dog can become overweight.

Becoming overweight is definitely not a good thing since it can slowly make your dog less active. Whereas your dog is used to being playful and active all the time and suddenly getting used to being inactive will lead them to depression. Imagine watching your happy and playful turn into an unhappy and depressed dog only because you weren’t more careful about storing the butter somewhere out of your dog’s reach.

Besides all of this, there are other weight-related diseases that we human beings go through as well. Diseases like diabetes especially are very harmful since they can lessen the lifespan of your dog.

In case you see your dog puking after eating a stick of butter then consider it a sign of gastroenteritis. What is gastroenteritis? It is an inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Say No to Unhealthy Eating Habits!!

Our pancreas is dear to us because they play a very important role in the digestion process inside our bodies. Similarly, the pancreas plays an important role in the bodies of dogs as well. Why does the pancreas play an important role in the bodies of dogs as well? Since they have the power to produce insulin which is responsible to assimilate food particles in their bodies. Besides this, the pancreas has control over the production of digestive enzymes as well. 

If your dog has consumed way too much butter at once or if you have been feeding your dog butter by spreading it on its treats without knowing the damages butter could do, then, unfortunately, there’s a big risk of your dog facing pancreatitis.

The consumption of butter alone isn’t the only reason why such illnesses are welcomed by your dog’s body, unhealthy eating habits can also be the main reason behind certain illnesses. This is why it’s very important to know what you include in your pet’s diet.

What If My Dog Ate The Butter Wrapper?

First, you need to be completely sure if your dog has eaten the butter wrapper or not. After you do that, based on the condition of your dog you should make a move. If your dog is not puking yet and is showing no signs of suffocation then you should not lose it. Butter is greasy and the wrapper consists of butter so the greasiness of the wrapper can help the wrapper slide down your dog’s throat without getting stuck anywhere. Unfortunately, this does not happen every time.

If the wrapper does get stuck in your dog’s throat then it might be a tough situation to deal with. The wrapper can clog at times.

But it’s always better to be safe, isn’t it? Whether it comes to our own health or the health of our pet. So whether or not you can come to a conclusion that your dog has eaten the butter wrapper you must immediately call your vet and seek advice from them.


It definitely gets hard to say a no to your cute pets, we know. But you have the responsibility into your hands to decide what is good and bad for the health of your dog.. And that is why it is important for you to know the list of items that can harm your dog’s health. Butter cannot be fed to your dog so much that it becomes a habit. Please avoid doing so.

Butter should not be fed to your dogs in large amounts or even on a daily basis. Make sure you always feed your dog butter in really tiny quantities if you cannot do otherwise for your reasons and never on a daily basis.

Dogs will want to get a hold of anything and everything that smells good to them or even looks good to them without knowing whether it is good or bad for them. Every dog is different and has different reactions to certain food items. In any case, if you are unsure about whether you should feed your dog a particular food item instantly, call your vet and confirm with them. So today itself make a list of the foods you feed your dog and ask yourself if these are good for the health of your dog or not?