Even though we manage to put our best efforts into considering all safety options for our furry friends, they manage to find a way to do the exact opposite of what we want them to do. The toughest of toughest toys can be broken and eaten whole by our pet dogs. 

In fact, we pet parents are aware of the benefits nylabone chew toys give our dogs with their dental health, but these toys also open up the danger to our dogs if the safety guidelines are not followed. Must learn what to do if My Dog Ate A Nylabone.

If your dog has eaten a nylabone, then make sure to immediately contact your vet and take your dog for a visit. Since there are certain cases, where emergency surgery is necessary to get the nylabone out of the dogs’ system before it causes more damage that cannot be cured later. 

What Should You Do If My Dog Ate A Nylabone?

Firstly, knowing what the nylabone is made of is most important. It’s in the name itself, nylabones, and made of nylon. And that nylon is made from a chemical process that includes coal, air, and water. It is a synthetic material. While some other nylabones are made of plastic or rubber. None of these materials that nylabones are made from are okay for your dog to eat

The root cause of making these types of chew toys for our furry companions is to help them get through issues like anxiety, to help them have good dental health, and also to tame them down. For such reasons, we give these chew toys to not only our adult dogs but our puppies as well since puppies need to chew toys during their teething period. 

However, If your dog has eaten a nylabone you should take your dog to the veterinarian immediately since it is very important to react in time. If your dog may have swallowed big pieces of nylabone that may lead to very dangerous outcomes since those huge pieces will not be able to get through the gastrointestinal apparatus. It will be difficult for your dog to expel those big pieces of nylabone through its stools as well. 

Side Effects of Eating Nylabone


If the pieces of nylabone that your dog has eaten get stuck anywhere inside your dog’s intestines or stomach it could cause clogging or suffocation in your dog. The strong acids inside your dog’s stomach are not strong enough to break down materials like plastic and rubber. The small intestine is especially a big risk if any piece gets stuck inside your dog’s body. 

It is important to keep the nylabone your dog likes to chew on clean because in situations like this where your dog has swallowed the nylabone it cannot be dirty. Why? Because if the nylabone has come in contact with dirt and gone into your dog’s body it can easily cause various bacterial infections which just worsens the case even more. 

Hence, do not try to solve this issue all by yourself at home and instantly call your vet. Allow them to deal with this issue, they are professionals. 

Are Nylabones Safe For Dogs?

Well, there are edible nylabones available as well which are absolutely safe for the consumption of your dog. They are nothing different from a regular treat. But remember, your dog should not get used to eating these on a daily basis. 

For them, Nylabones is like a ham bone or common rib bones. They just want to chew and have fun. Sometimes if you’re not careful enough, they eat it and it might cause problems.

Whereas, when it comes to non-edible nylabones their purpose is just to answer some of your furry friends’ needs and help them clean their teeth and gums. It works just as good as a toothpick for them. Nylabones help in strengthening their jaws too. 

All Nylabones whether edible or non-edible ones are made considering the safety of dogs first! You have to make sure you choose the right type of chew toy for your dog to play with. 

Are Non-Edible Nylabones Not Good?

No, non-edible Nylabones are not dangerous for your dog. But you never know, accidents can always happen. You have taken responsibility to look after your dog, and that is why it is your responsibility to treat your dog just the way you would treat your own toddler. Even when you know something is safe for your dog, you should take the necessary precautions in order to keep them away from danger. There’s no harm in being extra cautious, right?

Safety Tips When Giving Your Dog Nylabones

Giving your dog Nylabones is meant to be a good thing since a dog that chews on a toy all the time won’t chew on shoes, sofas, pillows, or any other items in your home. They are meant to make the life of every pet parent much easier. 

All Nylabones are not meant for your dog and that is why it is important to choose the right type of chew toy for your dog. Not only will the right chew toy teach them gnawing limits but it will also keep their dental health pretty good. 

What should you keep in mind when giving your dog Nylabones?


Here is a list of things you need to keep in mind when giving your dog Nylabones: 

Choose the correct size

It is always necessary to consider the size of your dog as well as the size of the chew toy first. Considering the size of your dog while selecting the right chew toy for your dog will help you avoid problems further. 

For instance, you cannot manage to give a puppy a big chew toy since it may lead them to straining their mouths as well as damage their jaws. Vice Versa, you cannot give your adult dog a tint chew toy because the smaller the toy the bigger the chances are of your dog swallowing the little toy. 

Know what kind of a chewer your dog is

It is important to consider the jaw strength of your dog and then purchase the chew toy accordingly. If you are unsure about the jaw strength of your dog then immediately contact your veterinarian. Do not assume what kind of a chewer your furry friend is and make decisions. 

Supervise your dog, ALWAYS!!!

Having a dog is nothing different from having a toddler in your house, isn’t it? Taking good care of your dog is just like not letting your toddler be alone in a room. In the same way, you cannot let your dog stay alone with chew toys around them. 

You should instantly take the chew toy away from your dog if you see your dog trying to break it apart or getting rough with it. 

Keep replacing

Nylabones come with a flavor that makes them attractive to your dog. Flavors like chicken or beef are available. However, as they get older and older the flavor may vanish away making it less interesting for your dog. So it’s always better to replace the Nylabones you give your dog. 

Keep the Nylabones clean

You have to regularly clean the Nylabone but you have to make sure not to use soap or any harmful chemical to wash it clean. Use warm water and a soft brush to clean the nylabone you give your dog, that is more than enough. 

These Nylabones are made of materials like plastic or rubber which may melt or fall apart when kept close to heat so make sure they’re not kept in heaty places. Melting and breaking down these chew toys makes it easier for your dog to gulp those pieces down. 


Nylabones are not meant for dogs to eat, they are just made to make things easier for pet owners since a dog having a nylabone does not make him or her want to chew on other things in your house. However, there are edible and non-edible Nylabones. 

Your dog eating a Nylabone again is not even the last thing you want and that’s why it is important to consider all the necessary factors to keep your dog safe before choosing the right nylabone for your dog. 

You can always consider speaking to your vet and seeking some advice about which type of a chew toy or whether or not you should get a chew toy for your dog. And if you do, ALWAYS SUPERVISE YOUR DOG DURING ITS PLAYTIME. ALWAYS!!!