My Dog Ate A Loaf Of Bread: What Should I Do Now?


The moment your dog consumes something it shouldn’t have, you need to consider two main factors: the size of your dog and the size of what they have eaten. If your puppy has eaten a big piece of bread then that may not turn out to be good for them since the big piece will be a lot to handle for their small stomach. To handle such a situation you must know the answer to My Dog Ate A Loaf Of Bread, What Should I Do Now?

Dogs can be excellent thieves and grab a hold of anything and everything they can find. When it comes to bread, white bread or even wheat bread is not dangerous for your dog to consume. Always keep this in mind. However, in some cases, there might be a need for medical help so you need to be cautious and look out for unusual behavior in your furry friend.

What Should You Do If Your Dog Ate a Loaf of Bread?

Your dog must be hearing a lot of, “goofy, let go of that thing” a lot in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year. That’s how our pets are, they have to be observed all the time to make sure they do not eat anything wrong. Dogs will want to get their paws on any food around them whether they’re hungry or they’re just curious. 

Bread is a food item present in almost every house and our pets finding it on the dining table unsupervised seems like a good opportunity for them. White bread and brown bread are not toxic for your dogs, but other kinds of bread may come with some consequences.

But there are some factors to be considered before trying to sort this situation out at home. Factors like the size of the bread and the size of your dog have to be taken into consideration. 

Small Dogs and Big Dogs 


Like mentioned before, the size of your dog and the size of the bread piece consumed by your dog matters a lot in cases like these. For instance, if a big dog ate a whole loaf of white bread it would be able to digest it without facing any problems. But when it comes to tiny dogs, with tiny stomachs, they will not be able to digest a whole loaf of bread without puking. 

This doesn’t mean that this cannot happen to big dogs as well, it can since throwing up after a dog eats a loaf of bread is the most commonly seen consequence. 

Symptoms to Notice After Your Dog Ate Bread 

You should make sure you observe your dog well after he or she has eaten a whole loaf of bread since they can show signs of discomfort even after days of the incident. 

Bread generally tends to boost their bellies. How does bread boost your dog’s belly? Bread is rich in carbohydrates and has a lot of air in it and that’s how your dog’s belly may get bloated up. 

If you want to induce vomiting in your dog you can do it only within two hours from the incident, not later. Always remember, you should consult your vet before you choose to induce vomiting in your dog and then go ahead. This was also the case when your dog eats dental floss or your furry friend eats a balloon.

And if you notice any signs of unusual behavior in your dog then you note it down and mention it to your vet. 

Leave a whole bowl of water for your dog if they did not throw up. And, if your dog has managed to ingest a huge amount of bread then don’t give them their next meal. 

All dogs don’t react similarly to situations like this so it can depend from dog to dog. There are some dogs that expel the bread like nothing happened so it’s not necessary that you have to see your dog showing unusual behaviors. 

Is Bread Toxic For Dogs?

Wheat bread and white bread are not toxic for your dog. In some situations, these two types of bread can even save your dog’s life. Yes, no kidding! 

However, in the market today there are some types of bread sold that may be healthy for us human beings but not for our dogs. And it is important to stay aware of those types of bread and keep them away from your dog. 

Which types of Bread Should Not be Given to Dogs?

Here is a list of the types of bread that should not be fed to your dogs. 

Raisin Bread

Raisins are toxic for dogs and that’s why they should be forbidden to dogs. Even though dogs love raisins since they are present in most bakery food items like muffins and, bread, they are not the best food choice for dogs. 

raisin bread

Raisins and grapes are so toxic for dogs, but unfortunately, scientists still haven’t figured out what exactly in raisins and grapes do not agree with a dog’s system. However, the very fact that you know raisins and grapes are toxic for your dog is enough information for you as a pet parent to stop feeding your dog raisins and grapes. 

Feeding your dog raisins and grapes can lead to kidney failure or even consequent death in them. If your dog happens to eat raisin bread then make sure you instantly contact your veterinarian. 

Bread that has Xylitol

You need to definitely watch out for the presence of xylitol in your bread since it is very dangerous for your dog. The demand of this artificial sweetener is increasing day by day and it is always better to check the label of contents before purchasing. 

Garlic Bread

We humans love garlic bread, it’s delicious! But, when it comes to dogs it is a serious threat to them. 


If you have the Shiba inu breed then it is best you keep garlic absolutely away from it. Garlic is intact and dangerous for the health of both dogs as well as cats. Garlic and garlic bread makes them weaker by attacking the red blood cells first. 

It is very important to keep amgarlic away from your dog since it can cause a lot of chaos in the health system of your dog. The signs may delay up to quite a lot of days making it extremely difficult for you to interfere in time. 

Bread Dough

If you are someone who loves baking bread at home and while doing so you feed your dog some crumbs of the bread dough you need to quit doing so. 

You leave the bread dough alone for a few hours so it can rise and that’s where the problem starts. If you feed your dog bread dough it will rise in their stomach which will then lead to swelling of the stomach and abdominal pain. 

What are the signs of dough poisoning?

  • Weakness
  • Bloating
  • Seizures
  • Coma 
  • Hypothermia
  • Lethargy

Keep an eye on your dog and without waiting for any symptoms to show up if your dog ate bread dough, call up your vet instantly. 


Dogs can eat white and wheat bread since they are not toxic for them. But there are certain types of bread in the market like we mentioned you cannot afford to feed your dogs. 

You need to make sure you do not feed your dog anything toxic. Keep the unwanted food items away from them, somewhere they don’t go to, and if you cannot just don’t buy those products. You can always enjoy eating them outside, right? This way your dog will be safe and you will be able to enjoy your food too. 

If you want to feed your dog some tasty or fancy treats once in a while and you don’t know if you should or not or what you should feed your dog then the best solution is to consult your veterinarian regarding this. 


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