Best Brushes For Long-Haired Cats

Cat grooming is one way to provide them with reasonable care, and it has various benefits. Reducing excessive hair shedding, hairballs, and heat stress reduces the growth of hairballs. For your cat’s health, it is, therefore, necessary to perform routine grooming.

Especially if your cat resists brushing, it could be a challenging job. To ensure that the whole exercise is enjoyable, use the right tool. To achieve excellent results and unrivalled comfort, the correct brush should not scratch the skin or cause discomfort; instead, it should massage your cat’s skin well.

My Cat’s Fur Needs To Be Groomed. Why Should I Do It?

Being a good cat owner means grooming your cat’s fur. Cats need to maintain their coats, as they are spotless animals. It may be necessary to assist your long-haired cat or breed frequently while cats groom themselves.

This is important for several reasons:

  • In particular, tight tangles and mats can be painful. Keeping your pet groomed regularly will prevent them.
  • Building your relationship with your cat by grooming them – Grooming is one of the best ways to bond with your cat. You can tell a cat trusts you when it allows you to groom it.
  • A regular grooming session will enable you to pick up any lumps, bumps, cuts, or other changes your cat may have.
  • The older or overweight cats who are arthritic or overweight have difficulty grooming themselves, as they are not as flexible as their younger counterparts. Consequently, they have a higher chance of mats and tangles, especially on the bum and hindquarters. Help them feel more comfortable as an owner by assisting them.
  • Keeping your cat’s fur out of the house will prevent it from shedding. Long-haired cats leave fur all over the house, which can be a challenge for owners! You can reduce home fur waste by grooming your pets daily (it only takes five minutes).

The cleanest cats need a helping hand sometimes, even if they are obsessive groomers. Long-haired cats require a little more care than most cats, incredibly if you’ve been blessed with one. By doing so, you can prevent mats and tangles in their coats.

You can promote good coat health by using a brush for long-haired cats. Since I have two Persians, I have been searching for the best cat brush on the market – and I think I have finally found it! The good news is that I discovered seven great options, but I keep reading to discover why they’re so popular.

Reviewing all these top products is the purpose of this article. You’ll also learn how to find the right tool for your long-haired cat, how often to brush, and more about caring for your cat. It is possible to have a fantastic coat on your cat!

For Long-Haired Cats, Here Are The Best Brushes

When it comes to long-haired cats, how do you choose the right brush? Knowing more will make your decision more secure, but the more you learn, the easier it will be. When shopping for the perfect brush, you should consider the following factors. For my list of grooming tools for long-haired cats, I evaluated each product based on the following criteria:

Now that you know what types of brushes are available and what features they should have let’s talk about actual products. I spent months brushing and brushing to help you choose the best brush.

This review will find brushes for sensitive cats, products made from different materials, and more affordable and expensive alternatives. Look at the information below to find out what’s best for your beloved cat.

Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush (Best Overall)

This product might be the solution if your Persian cat is stubborn like mine and won’t touch a brush. For a long time, I have used the Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Brush. I’ve owned it for quite a while now, and I wouldn’t consider switching to anything else.

The Safari brush makes my cats feel comfortable when I am brushing them, which is one of the most important things. Other test products haven’t always met that standard. It will be a hit with some cats but not with others. In this case, everyone allows me to keep those beautiful coats in top shape.

Longer fur also works well with it. Removing excess hair with stainless steel pins is possible since they are long enough to reach the undercoat. Despite being metal and challenging, they are gentle on hair and skin. In my experience, my cats love it anyway, so it’s an excellent brush for cats who hate to be brushed.

Additionally, the handle is grippy, so you will have no problem gripping it, and grooming will be effortless. The brush can also be cleaned effortlessly! With the push of a button, all hair and dirt can be removed from this self-cleaning cat brush.

You can also use this brush with larger cats, so if you have a giant Maine Coon around the house, this will work great. As long as it’s not too large, it’s perfect for everything from small cats to short-haired breeds!


  • Automatically cleans itself
  • With ease, extra hair can be removed from undercoats
  • Designed to be comfortable to hold
  • Gently cleanses and conditions the hair and skin
  • For easy grooming, the handle has a grip
  • Design that is durable and sturdy


  • Overpressing can cause pain

August Cat Brush for Shedding and Grooming (Best Deshedding Brush)

Getting your cat’s fur brushed should be a fun experience for both of you; however, your brush must get deep into the fur and thoroughly detangle it. With its long bristles, this brush will reach the undercoat and quickly eliminate all the extra hair if you have been struggling with brushes that don’t work well.

A silicone loop on the handle distinguishes this brush from others. Most of you are likely wondering what the importance of a loop is. I need to store my tools easily since I have several cats and many brushes. My brush is easily found whenever I need it because of the loop.

It is also important to note that the bristles are thick and will never break or bend. Even though I was concerned that the brush might be harsh on the cats, that wasn’t the case. The rubber tips on the bristles create a massage-like feel.

Small cats may benefit from the Aumuca brush due to its size. However, it may take longer for large cats. When you have more than one cat or a large Maine Coon, you might want to consider purchasing a larger brush. Check it out


  • Long-lasting design
  • The bristles are thick and won’t break or bend
  • Automatically cleans itself
  • Rubber tips on the bristles provide a gentle touch
  • Storage loop attached to handle for ease of use
  • Colours: blue, green, and red


  • Suitable for small cats but not for large cats
  • The process of grooming multiple cats will take some time.

Romp Pet Dematting Brush (Best Dematting Brush)

If you are concerned about matted fur, you have just found a winner. While I have tried many expensive brushes with complex features, this one is the most effective. What made this de-matting brush so appealing to me?

Firstly, it effectively removes extra hair from the undercoat, as promised. Moreover, it features a dual head with fewer teeth and one side with more teeth. To remove knots and tangles from my gorgeous cats’ fur, I begin combing them with the side that has fewer teeth to de-tangle. You get two tools in one, so I finish the job with the side that has more teeth.

Furthermore, the detangling portion targets all excess hair inside the undercoat. Despite its steel material, this stainless steel brush is lightweight and easy to handle. I comb my cats multiple times weekly, which never makes my wrists sore.

It also has the advantage of being rounded on the edges, so it won’t hurt the cat. Because stainless steel tools look pretty aggressive, many pet owners are afraid to use them on their cats, who hate brushing anyway. It’s not the case with this one; on the contrary, my cats have been pleased to have their fur groomed. Check it out


  • In comparison with other brushes, it is an affordable price
  • Two colours to choose from
  • Long-haired cats and dogs are suitable for this product
  • The undercoat is successfully reached
  • One tool with two heads!


  • The unit does not self-clean

Hertzko Self Cleaning Brush (Best Self-Cleaning Brush)

This brush is the gold standard for cats with long hair, like Maine Coons, Himalayans, Persians, and Norwegian Forest cats. Because I had too many brushes, I avoided getting them for a while, but now I regret not listening to others sooner!

While searching for a brush her Persian would like, my best friend first tried the Hertzko Self-Cleaning Brush. Her “small” brush is more suitable for sensitive cats and was an absolute hit. Alternatively, if your cat isn’t as delicate, you can choose a bigger size with more extended, stiffer bristles.

Its self-cleaning feature is its most significant advantage. It has an excellent self-cleaning feature! All loose hair, dirt, and debris are easily removed from the brush within seconds. You’ll never feel like your brush is falling off your hands because the handle has an anti-slip feature.

A further benefit is the long metal bristles, which make it easy to treat long-haired breeds. It is, however, too big for a smaller cat, so it would not be a good choice. In some cases, you might have trouble grooming their hard-to-reach areas.


  • This product has a fantastic self-cleaning feature
  • Long-haired cats will benefit from this product
  • The product is durable and long-lasting
  • The anti-slip handle makes it easy to hold
  • Cats with sensitive skin will appreciate the rounded bristles
  • Sensitive skin can benefit from the smaller size


  • Smaller cats may not benefit from this product

GoPets Dematting Comb (Best Professional Brush)

The product may be of interest to cat owners who are willing to spend a bit more on their beautiful pets. Despite its higher price, it is durable and will last a long time. The fact that you won’t have to buy another brush in the future is arguably worth spending more for.

My favourite thing about it is the sturdy construction and the fact that it has two sides. On one side, there are fewer teeth, so it is ideal for dematting. Another side with denser teeth eliminates tangles by working on the undercoat. This brush does everything a long-haired cat owner could need in a brush – you won’t have to buy multiple tools.

Putting the GoPets comb in your hand is also a very comfortable experience. A non-slip silicone gel covers the ergonomic handle, making it safer to hold. You won’t be tired of it, and it’s lightweight. Your cat will also find the tool comfortable-no need to worry about the edges scratching the skin because they are rounded.

The cost of this might seem high, but compared to buying two tools that will damage quickly, it’s much better to invest in this one. Therefore, I recommend treating your cat if you can afford it. Check it out


  • An all-in-one tool that has two sides
  • Better grip with silicone handle
  • Rounded edges protect cats’ skin and coat
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Detangled long fur and removed mats successfully


  • More expensive products


You can see that long-haired cat brushes come in so many different types!

You probably have a better idea of what to pay attention to now that you have familiarised yourself with several different products and learned about their features. Even so, choosing a single brush can be challenging if you aren’t familiar with all the details.


How should long-haired cats be brushed?

Brushes with slickers

Medium or long-haired cats should use a slicker brush. Dirt, dander, and loose fur can be removed with these brushes, curved with thin teeth. The cat brush for matted hair will be ideal for cats who have had their fur matted in the past.

Is slicker brush harmful to cats?

The problem may be below the skin, where brushes cannot reach. It’s better to brush the cat with a soft bristle brush rather than a metal slicker brush if you decide to do so anyway. My cats don’t use slickers since they can scrape their skin.

Do long-haired cats need special brushes?

Long-haired cats require special brushes to not cause harm. The hair of the long-hair cat is thick, coarse, and can tangle easily. Cats with long hair should have their fur brushed on a regular basis to prevent knots and mats from forming.

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