Many different things can cause diarrhoea in cats. It is common for most cases to improve quickly, but some can be more serious and require veterinary care. Dehydration, severe illness, and other complications can result from diarrhoea in severe cases.

What Does Diarrhoea Mean?

An increase in the amount and frequency of unformed or loose stools is referred to as diarrhoea. Faster faecal transit through the intestines is associated with decreased water, nutrient, and electrolyte absorption, as a result. Rather than being a disease, diarrhoea is a symptom of several different conditions. diarrhoea can be the only sign of an underlying problem, one of several signs, or a symptom of prolonged or severe diarrhoea.

What Are The Symptoms Of Diarrhoea In My Cat?

A well-trained cat who suddenly starts having accidents around the house and whose stools are unformed to fluid probably suffers from diarrhoea. In cases where the cat uses the litter box and covers up its feces or defecates outside, diarrhoea may not be immediately apparent. In longhaired breeds, diarrhoea can result in stains and soiling of the fur around the back end. In healthy cats, stools will vary in consistency to some extent. Veterinary attention should be sought if frequent liquid stools last longer than two days. Identifying which cat has diarrhoea or if multiple cats are experiencing diarrhoea will be necessary if you have more than one.

Taking Care Of Diarrhetic Cats At Home

In the case of a cat that has mild diarrhoea but seems otherwise fine (has no other signs of illness), you might consider settling them at home using the advice below. Consult your veterinarian if your cat doesn’t improve within 24 hours or gets worse.

Rather than starving your cat, feed them small, bland, frequent meals such as boiled chicken or white fish (without skin or bones). If you want something more convenient, you can also ask your vet about tinned foods specifically made to soothe an upset cat’s stomach. If your cat refuses to eat, don’t feed it anything rich or fatty; consult your veterinarian for advice.

Drink plenty of water – diarrhoeal cats drink more to replace the fluids they lose. Encourage your cat to drink water throughout the day and provide constant access.

It would help if you allowed your cat to rest while they recover, as they might require more sleep than usual. Suppose your pet seems excessively tired or doesn’t seem like themselves. Speak to your veterinarian.

Gut bacteria are boosted when probiotics are taken, and toxins are absorbed in the intestines when probiotics are taken. You can buy probiotics at your veterinarian or online. They have been shown to help some cats, but not all.

Over a few days, slowly reintroduce your cat’s regular diet once they pass solid faeces again.

Diarrhoea Cat Food That Works

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food – Best Overall Cat Food to Help Diarrhoea Option

Cats with sensitive stomachs and skin can benefit from Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food. You can increase your cat’s good gut bacteria by feeding it prebiotic fibers.

In addition to making it easier to clean the litter box and reduce vomiting in some cats, this highly digestible formula helps your cat absorb more essential nutrients. Furthermore, your cat’s skin will be nourished by Vitamin E and omega-six fatty acids for diarrhoea control in this dry cat food.

Even though Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food is expensive, it is an excellent food for cats prone to diarrhoea. Veterinary recommendations recommend this food for cats with sensitive stomachs. Even the picky eaters love this chick and dry rice food because it is made with natural ingredients.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive – Best Wet Cat Food for diarrhoea Option

Cats aged one-year-old and above with a sensitive stomach will benefit from the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive wet food. This product provides a balanced diet with Vitamins, minerals, and easy-to-digest proteins.

In addition to allowing your cat to absorb more nutrients, the easy-to-digest protein in this formula also reduces diarrhoea, stool odor, and puking episodes. Besides helping cats maintain weight, this wet food also makes scooping litter boxes a little easier.

Picky eaters will enjoy this wet cat food for diarrhoea control, however it is worth noting its relatively high price tag. This wet food should be paired with sensitive stomach dry food for a nicely balanced diet.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry – Best Dry Cat Food for Diarrhoea Option

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Food is a fantastic way to keep your cat healthy and soothe their sensitive stomach at the same time. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, by-products, corn, wheat, soy, or by-products. It is made from all-natural ingredients.

Deboned chicken is the number one ingredient in this dry cat food for diarrhoea control, which provides high-quality proteins that are easy to digest and great for maintaining a solid body. Additionally, it contains prebiotics that increase good gut bacteria, improving your cat’s absorption of nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals are also included in this dry food for sensitive stomachs, as are omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and taurine for heart and eye health. A balanced calorie count is another advantage of Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Food.

Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach – Best Budget Cat Food for Diarrhoea Option

Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach is a budget-friendly option to ease your cat’s tummy trouble. Because of its formula, there is no problem digesting this dry food for cats. This product has no additives, artificial flavors, or preservatives; it is made with natural ingredients, including turkey as the primary ingredient.

Your cat’s muscles and heart are kept strong and healthy with 36 grams of high-quality protein in each serving of this dry cat food. Antioxidants, Vitamins E and A, and omega-6 fatty acids are also included to boost their immune system. This dry food will be great for your cat with dry skin.

Picky eaters will enjoy the crunchy bites in this sensitive stomach dry food, which may even reduce vomiting in some cats. This Purina ONE Sensitive Stomach dry food is an excellent all-around choice for cats on a budget. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this cat food if you want to control diarrhoea in your cat.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Canned Cat Food – Best Kitten food for Diarrhoea Option

Cats up to 12 months can eat the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Canned Cat Food. Kittens need a formula that supports their constant growth and development.

This wet cat food provides all the playful energy kittens need with an optimal ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. As well as fibreand prebiotics, it also contains antioxidants that boost kittens’ immune systems while developing.

Moreover, the Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Canned Cat Food assists your kitten in transitioning to solid food as its thin, gravy-covered turkey slices make eating easier.

Royal Canin Aging 12+ – Best Older Cat Option

To keep seniors aged 12 and older healthy and active, Royal Canin created Aging 12+ canned wet cat food. It is designed to appeal to cats’ instincts and has the optimal ratio of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Senior kitties often have health problems in several areas, which this wet food targets. Cats’ joints are kept healthy by omega-three fatty acids, and controlled phosphorus levels maintain their kidneys.

Wet food from Royal Canin Aging 12+ is expensive, but many old cats have significantly benefited from eating it. Even though it wasn’t explicitly made for sensitive stomachs, this wet food contains nutrients that aid digestion.

Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Natural Grain-Free Cat Food – Best Holistic Option

Designed for cats with sensitive stomachs, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline Natural Grain-Free Cat Food is made without grains and gluten. Also included are peas, apples, blueberries, carrots, spinach, and cranberries, which are all healthy ingredients.

Turkey, chicken, herring, salmon, and whitefish meal are some wholesome proteins in this dry food. Your cat’s muscles will stay strong and healthy with all that protein. Diarrhoea-controlling cat food is excellent all around.

In addition to antioxidants and Vitamins E and C for immune system health, this holistic Grain-Free Natural Cat Food contains omega 6 and 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Further, Earthborn Holistic’s packaging is BPA-free, recyclable, resealable, and recyclable.

Solid Gold – Let’s Stay In – Grain-Free – Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food with Superfoods – Best Superfoods Option

The Solid Gold Let’s Stay In Grain-Free Indoor Formula Dry Cat Food with Superfoods for indoor cats with sensitive stomachs is excellent diarrhoea-control food. This dry food contains fiber and probiotics that not only soothe sensitive stomachs but also reduce hairballs.

There are no by-products of chicken in this dry food. The number one ingredient is real chicken. Superfoods, such as almonds, lentils, pumpkin, and broccoli, are also included in this recipe to provide a wide range of essential Vitamins and minerals.

The dry food also appeals to picky eaters due to its probiotics and prebiotics aid digestion. Solid Gold guarantees 100% customer satisfaction, even if your cat is picky.

Cats With Loose Stools: What’s Behind It

Diarrhoea in cats can be acute or chronic, depending on the cause. It is best to treat acute diarrhoea with digestive rest and time to recover. Chronic diarrhoea, however, could be a sign of underlying health issues and requires dietary changes.

Now let’s discuss acute versus chronic diarrhoea and how each should be approached.

Acute diarrhoea

GI irritants cause this temporary reaction. A few days later, the irritation disappears along with it. Short-term diarrhoea is referred to as acute diarrhoea. In acute diarrhoea, loose bowels appear suddenly, usually due to an irritant or illness. Infections, bad reactions to food, or drinking milk can cause your cat to develop acute diarrhoea.

diarrhoea in Cats: What to Feed Them

Changing your cat’s diet based on his acute diarrhoea is unnecessary if your cat has been ill or has eaten something they shouldn’t have. Your cat can return to familiar food once the stool returns usually. In the meantime, here are some things you can do.

Species-appropriate food should be provided. The first step is to fast your cat.

It is best to give your cat a break from food for 12 hours to rest his digestive tract. You won’t harm your cat by withholding food as long as this fast is temporary. The nutrient absorption is impeded by diarrhoea, so food does more harm than good.

If cats go for a long time without eating (usually a few days), they can develop a severe liver condition called hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome). The liver condition won’t be exacerbated by fasting your cat for 12 hours.

Switch to a bland diet after fasting for 12 hours

There is no requirement for rice in the classic protocol, which consists of cooked chicken and rice. The best diet for cats is meat, regardless of their stool consistency. They are obligate carnivores.

It is possible to temporarily nourish your cat with boiled, defatted, and unseasoned chicken, pork, or turkey meat with broth without aggravating his gastrointestinal tract. It would help if you didn’t feed your cat this bland diet for more than a few days since it isn’t nutritionally complete.

Probiotics are an excellent supplement.

It is possible to consider the gut microbiome as its organ. Almost every aspect of health is impacted by it, including digestion, the immune system, aging, inflammation, and everything else. By restoring healthy intestinal function and fortifying the natural gut flora, probiotics help to strengthen the gut flora.

You may want to consider using slippery elm bark.

This tree’s bark benefits cats suffering from diarrhoea in multiple ways. Pain is soothed, nausea is eased, and stool consistency can be normalized.

Pumpkin is also a good supplement.

Even though pumpkin is a lightweight additive compared to slippery elm bark, it is a classic food additive for cats that suffer from diarrhoea. Many people highly regard it. Your cat’s stool can be bulked up by this tasty, easy-to-find source of soluble fiber. Puree pumpkin that hasn’t been spiced or sweetened should be chosen.

Chronic Diarrhoea

Symptoms can last for over three weeks and may require significant dietary changes. It is generally referred to as a “sensitive stomach” when diarrhoea persists for weeks or more. An allergy, food intolerance, IBD, or another issue could cause this condition.

A trip to the veterinarian is a good idea if your cat has chronic diarrhoea lasting for three weeks or more. It’s possible for your veterinarian to run diagnostic tests, including bloodwork, to determine what’s causing your cat’s endless loose stools. Chronic diarrhoea almost always requires dietary changes.

What To Feed A Cat With Chronic diarrhoea

An elimination diet can help identify allergies and sensitivities in your cat.

Using this diet, you can replace familiar ingredients that may have caused your cat’s diarrhoea with novel proteins that may not have caused it in the first place. Your cat’s diarrhoea may disappear while on the elimination diet, so you can gradually reintroduce ingredients until you find the culprit.

It is a strict diet to follow an elimination diet. You cannot give your cat treats or other food products besides that diet. It will take several months for your cat to adjust to the diet, which your veterinarian will determine.

Food should be provided according to the species.

Fresh muscle meat and organs should be a mainstay of your cat’s diet if you want to minimise inflammation. If you give your cat an ingredient that is not species-appropriate, it won’t be utilised effectively by the body. The GI tract of your cat will be less burdened if you provide it with high-quality, meat-based cat food that does not contain excess carbohydrates, plant protein, or irritating additives.

You can prevent dysbiosis in your cat by fortifying its gut microbiome.

diarrhoea is frequently caused by gut dysbiosis, a balance between good and harmful microorganisms in the gut microbiome. Give your cat probiotics to strengthen those “good” populations so that diarrhoea can be managed.

Probiotics can help cats with diarrhoea with most strains, but S.boulardii is the gold standard. Antidiarrhoeal properties are well known for this probiotic yeast, which is immune to antibiotics.


It is convenient and practical to feed cats with diarrhoea Smalls Human-Grade Fresh Cat Food, which is non-prescription. Many cats find the Purina One Sensitive Skin & Stomach Dry Cat Food extremely palatable, even on a tight budget. Regarding nutrient density and palatability, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Kitten Ultra Soft Mousse in Sauce is the best option for kittens. Your cat’s diarrhoea can be relieved by swapping to these high-quality foods. If you plan to change your cat’s diet, talk to your veterinarian first.


If my cat has diarrhoea, what can I feed him?

Two readily available fibre supplements are unflavored psyllium (e.g., Metamucil) and canned pumpkin. Adding 1-2 teaspoons to your cat’s food daily is a reasonable starting point for psyllium or pumpkin.

What is the effect of chicken on diarrhoea in cats?

Can I help my pet with diarrhoea if they are acting normally? Served with white rice and small pieces of boiled boneless chicken breast, feed your pet a bland diet. Follow the instructions on the package when cooking white rice.

When a cat has diarrhoea, can I give it rice?

What is the best time for cats to eat rice? As long as the rice is fully cooked, plain brown rice and plain white rice can help a cat with an upset stomach. Veterinarians sometimes recommend mixing rice with regular cat food to treat diarrhoea. Dehydration can be prevented by giving your cat rice to firm up its stools.

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