Can You Plant Lucky Bamboo In An Aquarium?

To brighten up space in their tanks, many aquarium owners want to have the addition of plants in their tanks. Even though there are so many types available in the market, they happen to give the same outcome. To be way different from others, some aquarium owners start thinking about inserting a lucky bamboo in […]

Purigen vs Carbon: Which One Is Better For Your Aquarium?

A lot of efforts go into making and maintaining a home aquarium. Quite a lot of factors have to be considered as well like water maintenance. It’s necessary to give reef animals the best suitable and safe environment for them to live in and providing them with top-notch water is vital. You should know the Purigen […]

Can You Use A Live Rock In A Freshwater Aquarium?

Live rocks are more than just beautiful additions to enhance the overall look of the aquarium, they are natural water filters as well. They come in various textures, sizes, colors, and structures which enhances the aquarium and serves its purpose of being aesthetic, well.  So, can you use live rock in a freshwater aquarium? The […]