Best Flea Treatment For Cats And Dogs

Pet owners will know that fleas are prevalent and annoying. Regular flea and worm treatments are essential for your dogs and cats. As 95% of fleas and egg larvae live in your environment, treating your home is equally if not more important than treating your pet. Otherwise, the infestation will return. What Are The Signs […]

My Dog Ate a Mouse: What Should I Do?

It’s funny how we are here discussing My Dog Ate a Mouse and not a cat after all the stories we have come across. But, dogs love meat. They will prefer eating meat over any other food items you present to them and a rat is just another piece of raw meat to your dog.  […]

My Dog Ate A Nylabone: What Should I Do?

Even though we manage to put our best efforts into considering all safety options for our furry friends, they manage to find a way to do the exact opposite of what we want them to do. The toughest of toughest toys can be broken and eaten whole by our pet dogs.  In fact, we pet […]

My Dog Ate Raw Bacon: What Should I Do?

By nature, all dogs are scavengers. Keeping that in mind, they tend to gobble up any type of food they come across whether it is cooked or not. When it comes to bacon, dogs love it. But what if your dog found a piece of raw bacon fallen on the floor while you were cooking? […]

My Dog Ate A Loaf Of Bread: What Should I Do Now?

The moment your dog consumes something it shouldn’t have, you need to consider two main factors: the size of your dog and the size of what they have eaten. If your puppy has eaten a big piece of bread then that may not turn out to be good for them since the big piece will […]

My Dog Ate Fish Food: What Should I Do Now?

Dogs are naturally curious animals, which is why they are captivated by anything they see around them. Sadly, this behavior gets them into trouble. Despite their similarities, fish food and dog food differ mainly in terms of the amount of proteins and fats they contain. The body of a fish needs more fat and protein […]

My Dog Ate A Rabbit: What Should I Do Now?

One morning, if you’ve taken your furry friend out for a walk and he or she spots a rabbit on the run, your dog’s natural instinct will be to chase the rabbit. And if your dog does manage to get hold of the bunny then he or she will likely want to devour most of […]

My Dog Ate Rib Bones: What Should I Do?

Dog eating his bone

A dog gnawing on a bone is a wholesome image, but not entirely safe for the dog in question. So your canine companion ate a rib bone; how should you proceed? More pressingly, is this a time-sensitive issue, and should you be worried? As is the case with most suspicious food items you believe your […]

My Dog Ate Fish Bones: What Should I Do Now?

Gnawing on bones is what dogs love the most. Firstly, the meaty flavour dogs receive from bones attracts them, along with the strong odour bones have. Secondly, the rough texture of the bones is what makes bones a perfect chew toy for dogs! So, you cannot really blame dogs for being attracted to bones kept […]

What To Do If My Dog Ate Melatonin?

Nothing can beat the pleasure of sitting on a cozy couch and sipping on a hot cup of tea or coffee once you get back home from a hectic day at work, we bet! But, coming home to a half-empty bottle of melatonin pills fallen on the floor and seeing your doggo right next to […]

Ball Python With Pink Belly: What Does It Mean?

Since you have now grown accustomed to seeing your ball python’s color, you may be surprised by any discoloration or change of shade! One of the most common types of discoloration in ball pythons is a pink belly. In many cases, you will notice a change in the color of a ball python’s belly, but […]

My Dog Ate A Pistachio Shell: What Should I Do?


My Dog Ate A Pistachio Shell? Worried about what to do next? Quite a lot of foods that are considered to be safe for us human beings are toxic for our dogs. For instance, chocolates, grapes, and pistachios they’re extremely delicious but can turn out to be lethal for dogs. Nuts and seeds are purely […]