Cats often vomit. Cat owners such as yourself, most likely often have to clean up stinky messes caused by this common problem.

There are two types of vomiting in cats: acute and chronic.

Usually, cats experience acute vomiting for one or two days. If treatment is necessary, this form of vomiting is easily treated. On the other hand, chronic vomiting may require veterinary attention and can persist for weeks.

The Difference Between Vomiting And Regurgitation

Food is evacuated from the stomach when vomiting occurs. It is not a disease or diagnosis as a symptom of an underlying condition.

It is perfectly normal for cats to vomit occasionally (acutely). If your cat is otherwise healthy, don’t panic if he vomits once or twice a month, mainly if the vomited material is mostly hair. A cat will sometimes vomit hairballs after swallowing hair while grooming.

Your veterinarian should be consulted if your cat vomits more than three times or exhibits other symptoms such as lethargy. A veterinary examination is recommended if any of these symptoms are present.

There is sometimes a misunderstanding between the terms ‘vomiting’ and ‘regurgitation’; however, they are not precisely the same. Having a clear understanding of the differences is beneficial.

A passive process, regurgitation occurs when the oesophagus is involved instead of the stomach. Following eating or drinking, regurgitation often occurs without abdominal contractions.

There is a good chance that the vomited materials you see are not vomited but regurgitated food.

Why Do Cats Vomit?

If you want your cat to avoid vomiting, look out for these critical features. It is up to you (or your cat) to decide which food is best for you. The water content of wet food makes it more economical, but it can also help maintain hydration – thus preventing vomiting spells in the future.

Cats throw up for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Usually, vomiting in cats is caused by eating something that doesn’t agree with them. They might have picked up something on the ground or eaten something.
  • Formulations of food – Select foods with a limited list of ingredients. In cat food, the fewer ingredients, the less likely it is to irritate your cats stomach. Natural ingredients will keep up your cat’s energy level with high protein levels.
  • Despite our best efforts, cats ingest enormous amounts of hair. In most cases, they don’t have to worry about swallowing hair when they groom themselves. A food recipe designed to reduce hairballs may be a good idea if your cat’s vomit contains a lot of hair.
  • Animals can suffer from allergies and food sensitivities, just like humans. It is common to find bacteria in meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. Grain allergies are rare in cats, but they can happen. The presence of duck meat in cat food is much rarer than other forms of protein, reducing the possibility that cats will develop allergies to it.
  • A change in diet may be causing your cat’s stomach upset if you’ve recently changed foods. Changing foods slowly over a few days is always recommended because of this.
  • Your cat can get an upset stomach if they are very active after eating.
  • Your cat may also vomit if he eats too fast. The best way to slow them down is to divide the food into different bowls, place a golf ball in the bowl, or switch to wet food.

The following ingredients are the most likely to trigger intolerances and sensitivities:

  • Additives to food (colours and flavours)
  • Preservatives made from artificial sources
  • Carbohydrates are abundant
  • Milk sugar (lactose)
  • There are certain grains (wheat, barley, corn) that are
  • Eggs, chicken, beef, pork, and beef are common proteins.

A cat vomiting due to an underlying disease or disorder may not be the result of toxins, drugs, or diet.

The symptoms of vomiting may be caused by systemic illnesses such as hyperthyroidism or kidney disease. It is generally necessary to treat these conditions since they are relatively severe. Your cat’s digestive system can also be disrupted, and vomiting can occur due to intestinal parasites.

You should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian if you cannot immediately diagnose the cause of your cat’s vomiting. Having your cat’s health issues diagnosed by your veterinarian can help eliminate underlying conditions. Your cat’s veterinarian should still examine your cat even if you know what’s causing her vomiting, to assess her overall health.

What Is Causing Your Older Cat To Vomit?

It’s more likely that they ate too fast or ingested too much grass. Sometimes, however, throwing up can result from something more sinister. There are a variety of illnesses that can cause throwing up.

These Are The Best Cat Foods For Cats That Vomit When They Are Older.

Find the right food for older cats to help them stop vomiting. It will, however, depend on why your cat is frequently upchucking and whether they should be fed wet or dry food.

Listed below are some foods that is good for senior cat who vomit.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Dry Cat Food

You can feed this food to your cat if he has a sensitive stomach, which may be the reason why he throws up. You’ll find your cat begging for more after eating this all-natural dry food. The superfood is chock-full of vitamins and minerals and made with only the finest ingredients.

There will be no unfortunate upchucks for those with sensitive bellies because this food will digest easily. Healthy digestion is also promoted by FOS prebiotics. It also fuels your cat’s muscles with real chicken in the kibble.

This recipe ensures a healthy coat and radiant skin and contains whole grains, vegetables, and fruit.

Blue Buffalo Basics – Natural Indoor Mature Dry Cat Food

There are several benefits to feeding your dog Blue Buffalo food, including essential vitamins, antioxidants, and vital minerals. This food will significantly enhance an elderly cat’s energy levels.

As a result of eating this food, your cat will maintain their weight and a healthy digestive system. It is made with delicious limited ingredients, which makes it suitable for mature pets with food sensitivities.

As well as being made with fibre and pumpkin, it allows for gentle digestion. This cat food is one of the best options for cats that vomit due to ageing.

Royal Canin Appetite Control Spayed/Neutered (Sterilized) 7+ Dry Cat Food.

This food is ideal for senior cat who have been spayed or neutered. Weight gain can be caused by a simple operation, which affects your cat’s hormone levels.

As your kitty ages, this food helps to keep them fit and helps them maintain a healthy body weight. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best food for cats who throw up.

Your cat will receive plenty of Vitamin C thanks to its vitamins and minerals. Using LIP digestion science technology, this food contains highly digestible protein. A higher phosphorus level in this food can also support renal function in cats with impaired kidney function.

Your cat receives all the nutrients it needs from the recipe. It is also possible to slow down ingestion speed using kibble with rings.

Royal Canin Aging Spayed/Neutered (Sterilized) 12+ Dry Cat Food.

Ageing food from Royal Canin features easy-to-chew kibble explicitly tailored for senior cats. You can make sure that your cat ages healthily with this food. Nutrients are included in its recipe.

It contains omega-3 fatty acids and lycopene to support your cat’s ageing process and a complex of antioxidants.

This food has a unique digestive science innovation that makes it stand out from others. This kibble, which contains high-quality selected proteins, helps reduce puking by making digestion easier. As well as keeping your cat at an ideal weight, it can also be made with a moderate fat level.

Additionally, the ingredients include phosphorus that supports your cat’s kidneys during periods of kidney decline.

Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Recipe Grain-Free Senior Dry Cat Food

Your older cat will benefit from this holistic recipe. There is a low calorie and fat content and high fibre content. You can feed your cat this grain-free formula without worrying about causing stomach upset. Taurine helps keep your heart and eyes healthy. It’s also made with vitamins and minerals.

Highly digestible ingredient make the recipe tasty. This product is perfect for older cats suffering from kidney problems since it ensures their nutrition is met with less waste.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

This food is perfect for cats who suffer from stomach problems. Optimal nutrient absorption is enabled by its highly digestible and gentle properties.

As well as ensuring a healthy heart, it is formulated with tasty ingredients. This food is a complete and balanced diet for mature cats who vomit.

With Omega-6 and Vitamin E added to the formula, your cat’s skin and coat will be healthier. Ingredients used in the recipe are natural, high-quality, and free of artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.

This combination of vitamins and antioxidants ensures a healthy immune system.

Hill’s Science Plan Mature Adult Hairball Indoor Dry Cat Food

There can be many reasons why a person frequently vomits, including hairballs. It makes sense to consume food that reduces hairballs in this situation. The balanced food not only reduces hairballs it also supports the health of the pet’s internal organs.

High-quality proteins and natural fibres prevent hairballs. Antioxidants and vitamins support a healthy immune system. A healthy coat and skin are also supported by vitamin E and omega-6 fatty acids.

Purina One Sensitive Skin and Stomach Premium Dry Cat Food

This food is specifically designed for adult cat with sensitive stomachs who vomit. Made from high-quality proteins that are easy to digest, this product is gentle on the stomach. Thanks to its delicious ingredients and crunchy texture, you’ll have your cat purring in no time.

Vitamins and minerals are also included in the recipe. Omega fatty acids ensure a silky coat and healthy skin.

What Can You Do For Your Cat To Prevent Vomiting?

Food intolerance or dehydration can cause frequent vomiting. The best way to prevent dehydration in your cat is to ensure he has access to water at all times.

Finding the right food is crucial for someone with food intolerance. The majority of significant pet stores carry food for stomach sensitivity. To keep your cat healthy, avoiding decadent treats and snacks is essential.

It’s probably time to see your veterinarian if your cat is still throwing up after switching to a sensitive stomach recipe. The problem can usually be fixed by finding a food your cat tolerates.


You should provide your cat with the right food to help him cope with any illness. To find the right brand for your cat, you must determine what kind of assistance it needs.

The health of cats depends on their diet just as much as that of humans. When selecting food to help your cat with illness, you must consider many factors. What kind of cat do you have? Does it eat meat, or does it eat vegan food? When you smell the food, how does it smell? Can your kitty get enough nutrition by eating a certain amount of food each day?

A vet should be contacted if you suspect your older cat might be vomiting for an underlying reason. As well as providing advice on what food to buy, they can take care of your cat’s healthcare.

The symptoms of feline pancreatitis are often mimicked in older cats with some health issues. Your cat can vomit for a variety of reasons, including dental issues. If your cat seems to be vomiting for an underlying reason, you should take them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. To manage the condition, your vet will be able to advise you.


Can you tell me the best cat food for a cat that throws up a lot?

It is common for cats to throw up a lot, but they also have to eat. Due to the differences in the digestive systems of cats and humans, many types of commercial cat food are not ideal for cats that vomit. There is a consensus that cats are healthier and do not vomit as much when they eat prey-based foods.

When a cat vomits, does wet food help?

It can be distressing to see your cat vomit when they’re sick. Is wet cat food effective against vomiting?

Cats will not vomit if they eat wet food. Wet cat food will likely settle in their stomachs more effectively than dry cat food since it contains more moisture. They will also be less likely to vomit after eating wet food since they will have less energy.

Dehydrated or diarrheal cats should eat wet cat food because of its high water content. Wet cat food should be given to your sick cat every hour until it feels better.

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