Cat care is a subject many pet owners are aware of. There are different categories of cat care, including de-clawing, ear cropping, tail docking, etc. One of the most important is proper grooming, so it is vital to shave them to keep their fur in top condition and maintain their health.

Cat clippers are the most popular cat coat shaving tools in the market. They are very convenient to use. They can cut cat hair and get rid of excess fur without any difficulty. This is why they are used by so many cat owners all over the world.

This article discusses information about shaving cats, matted hair, and the best clipper blade to buy.

Why Do You Need to Shave and Groom Cats?

“Groom” is a word that describes the process of pulling, pinching and massaging the cat’s coat to prevent it from becoming tangled or matted. Generally speaking, cat owners choose to shave their cats because they believe doing so will enhance their appearance, boost their overall health, and remove hair and other debris from their fur. It is also worth noting that grooming a cat has several health benefits. In some cases, shaving your pet can improve its hygiene and prevent it from contracting any infectious diseases in the future. It is also necessary to perform this to prevent unnecessary suffering and minimise the risk of your cat developing hairballs.

There is a possibility that you will wind up with a cluttered house if you have a cat that sheds.

What is a Cat Clipper?

The cat clipper is a device that has been designed to shave cats. It is a battery-operated tool that anyone can use, even if they are not trained to shave. It consists of two major parts: a blade and a handle. The blade is made from stainless steel, while the handle is made from plastic. The blades are sharpened by turning them against each other, which causes friction against each other and thus produces heat.

Getting Rid of Matted Cat Hair

The condition of matted fur occurs mainly in long-haired cats because their fur gets tangled and knotted. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Fur can get caught in a cat’s top coat when the undercoat sheds. Whenever a cat’s fur becomes dirty and oily, it can become matted and entangled.

Your cat’s appearance, comfort, and health depend on removing mats from his fur. If you find a mat or tangle in your cat’s fur, you can comb it out or use your fingers to detangle it. In most cases, loose mats can be removed by comb. However, as matting gets worse and harder to remove, combing the mat out is more and more painful for your cat, thus making it impossible to remove.

In some cases, it may be better to shave the mats if they cannot be combed out. It is possible to clip your cat at home if you own professional pet clippers. Some cats will not stay still during shaving because the process can be stressful. So, while shaving your cat, you need to make sure that you have someone holding her while you do so.

The risk of injuring your pet when you use cat hair clippers instead of scissors is lower, but you can still cut your cat’s skin if you do not practice care or exhibit good skills. Consider taking your cat to a professional groomer or your veterinarian if it does not cooperate or if the matting of your cat is severe since they are trained. There is less risk of injury when a clip is being performed.

Trimmer or Clipper: Which is better?

Generally, groomers go for full-size clippers for all breeds and coat types, especially for dense, double and more difficult coats like Persians, because they help with knotted or matted coats. You can use clippers on dogs and cats, as well as horses.

The power of cat clippers is greater than that of trimmers. Additionally, clippers can be corded or cordless, unlike trimmers which are often cordless. Finally, clippers come in single-speed, two-speed and five-speed options, while trimmers are only available in a single-speed.

Standard ten blades, also called A5 blades, are usually included free with clippers. With a blade of 10, the coat is under 2mm long. A size 30 blade may be necessary for poorly matted cats. If you want an A5 model clipper, you’ll have the option to use standard blades of any brand, in any length, from size 50 (under 1mm) to size 3 (over 1cm), and all universal comb attachments (3mm to 3cm).

Consider the price of replacement blades for your clippers or trimmers before you decide on the model you will purchase. Due to the finer coats of cats, and the fact that pet owners rarely wash their feline pets before clipping, you need a sharp blade. This is useful in order to clip cats quickly and smoothly. Grooming a cat’s finer coat is going to be a difficult task with a dull blade!

The Best Clipper Blade for Your Cat

Groomers know cat skin is uniquely prone to tear easily, making it easy for a small cut to worsen. Having no muscle attachment, cat skin cannot prevent cuts from spreading once they begin. So, as a small cut progresses and becomes unmanageable, stitches will be required to close it.

Cat clipper blades

With Oster® Lucky No. 9 Cat Clipper Blades, you’ll get a blade that looks very similar to traditional A5 blades except for one significant difference — there’s a tighter spacing between the teeth on the cutter and comb. Skin that gets bunched up and caught in the blades when you groom is less likely to nick or cut, thanks to smaller gaps between this product’s teeth.

The Lucky No. 9 cat blades were introduced to our staff groomers as a replacement blade for the conventional No. 10 blade they traditionally used to reduce the risk of cutting the cats during grooming. A three-length blade design allows cats to be clipped with this new, cat-specific blade.

You can use the blade for various purposes by providing an ideal alternative to traditionally used clipper blades when grooming. 1/16 is the cutting depth of this blade.

Cat Clipping Tips and Precautions

There are many things to be cautious of when using clipper blades for your cat. Here are some:


Cat clipper blades

That’s it! Part of taking care of the cat is being able to shave its excess hair and keeping its coat good-looking. In addition, it is vital to avoid stress for you and your cat. Knowing how to groom a cat will help you maintain its health too. When you have a long-haired cat, pay close attention to his coat and remove mats before they become an issue.

You can shave cat fur with clippers if it becomes too matted and tangled to comb it out. Choose the right clipper blade, depending on your pet’s needs and preferences. It doesn’t matter if you use a cordless clipper with a detachable blade or not. If the mats are not removed, they can be highly uncomfortable and cause health problems.

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What are the best blade lengths for clipping cats?

The most popular lengths of blades for clipping a knotted or matted cat are sizes 10, 15 and 30.

What are the best cat clipping blades?

The most popular types of blades for cats are standard A5 blades, cat blades, or 5 in 1 adjustable blades.

Can I shave my cat with human clippers?

The short answer is Yes, you can. However, they aren’t always the greatest choice. While you could shave your cat using human clippers, it would be best to use clippers made for animal fur.