Get Professional Behaviour Modification For Your Pet With A Certified Cat Behaviour Consultant

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Cats are very mysterious creatures. They can be very different compared to a dog. Most pet parents are unsure what these behaviours mean and how they can fix them.

Hire a cat behaviour consultant to make things easier and more stress-free for your cat and yourself.

Nearly half (43%) of cat owners get their pets from a shelter or rescue group. What do you do when the cat you rescued suddenly misbehaves?

Cat Judo offers connections to only professional pet behaviour counsellors so that you will have the best possible solution to your cat’s behaviour problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to start getting consultations.

Getting To Know How Your Cat Acts

Although every cat is different, there are some signs you can look for to see if something is wrong with yours. 

As a cat owner, it’s important to keep a close eye on your cat’s behaviour because any changes could mean they’re upset, bored, sick, hurt, stressed, or scared.

What Might Be Wrong With Your Cat

If your cat is worried or scared, you may observe the following:

  • Taking care of themselves more than usual
  • Hiding
  • Slouched sleeping position 
  • Changing how they eat or go to the bathroom
  • Spraying indoors

If your cat is hurting or scared, you might also see the following:

  • Getting into new, bad habits, like being aggressive
  • Getting away from or ignoring people

Talk to a vet or clinical animal behaviourist if any of these signs last for a long time.

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What To Do To Make Your Cat Happy

Here are some things you can do to keep your cat happy and lessen the chance it will start acting up.

  • Make sure they can get to everything they need. Cats are easily scared, so make sure they can get to their bed, water, litter box, or outside without passing anything or anyone that might frighten them.
  • Give them places to hide. Your cat may act out if it is scared and has nowhere to run or hide. 
  • Make sure they always have safe places to hide where they can run away if they feel scared.
  • Keep them busy. Most cats spend much of their time sleeping, but they need to move around when they are awake. 
  • If they don’t go outside, give them things to do inside that will keep them busy.
  • Give them a scratching post. Cats use things to scratch, mark their territory, build muscle, and keep their claws sharp.
  • You should ensure that their scratching posts are sturdy and tall enough to use while stretching (especially crucial for indoor cats).
  • Give them toys. Playing is a good way for your cat to stay active and have fun
  • Give them safe toys and many chances to play alone and with others. 
  • You can keep your cat busy while it eats by giving it a puzzle feeder or hiding dry food.
  • Kindness is a must! 

Don’t yell at or hurt your cat. They won’t understand and may become even more scared or nervous.

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How Do I Know That A Cat Behaviourist Is Qualified?

A good cat behaviourist must have a lot of experience and the proper training. You should be able to get a recommendation from your vet about a good behaviourist, and make sure you get a recommendation from someone you can trust. CatJudo is an expert in anything about cats and therefore knows all the best behaviour consultants in all of the UK. 

And although most behaviourists primarily work with dogs, that doesn’t mean they can’t help you. 

Many professionals that work with more than one species are very good at their jobs. But in more complicated cases, it can be helpful to work with someone interested in cats and who has experience with them.

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Cat Judo Services

We at Cat Judo offer many services for your fur babies. We want to help you give only the best to your cats, be it cat food, vet advice, prescription, and yes, even behaviour consultations. 

We may not be the actual best people for the job, but we can definitely connect you to one. With our huge and reliable network, we’ll refer you to the best behaviour consultant for your cat and ensure that whatever odd conduct and actions your cat has will be explained and addressed. 

These consultants offer virtual consultations where they may ask you to send a picture, video, or a narrative of your cat’s usual day-by-day behaviour. Of course, you can also expect regular or one-time conference call with the behaviourist to address the problem real time. 

The behaviourist will talk to you about your cat’s history and the problem you’re worried about. Then, they will give you advice, direction, and steps to take. Some of the advice might be to make changes to your home, start new habits, or change how you interact with your cat.

The behaviourist will work closely with your vet and discuss how to help your cat feel and act better.

The behaviourist will work with you for a certain period of time to help you and your cat get the most out of the advice.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact CatJudo today, and let’s start those consultations! 

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What Goes On During The Meeting?

The behaviour specialist will want to see and meet the cat, the people in the home, and any other pets, and they will discuss the behaviours that are worrying them. The cats’ supplies, like litter, food, water, and so on, will also be examined. The consultant will look for possible causes and talk to the parents to find out what might be wrong.

Cat behaviour consulting is a dynamic process that sets up and changes an animal’s environment in a way that gives the animal behavioural choices, brings out species-appropriate behaviours and skills, and improves the animal’s well-being.

The behaviour specialist will teach the cat’s owners about the cat’s natural habits so that they can set reasonable expectations. Then, they can suggest changes to the cat’s environment, routines, diet, etc.

While all these will happen online, always remember that this might be really helpful to your misbehaving cat. 

And, well, as we all say–a happy cat means a happy owner.

How Do I Prepare For A Cat Behaviour Consultant?

Depending on the problem, it may help to take videos or photos of the behaviour or keep a diary of what you see (like how often the problem happens, when it happens, the circumstances at the time, etc.).

Before the online consultation, make sure that you have either sent all the necessary paperwork and records to the behaviourist, such as a pre-consultation questionnaire and medical notes from your vet, or that you have them ready.

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Take note of important dates and facts to help you remember the order of events that led up to the behaviour. In addition, make sure you write down any specific questions, so you don’t forget to ask them when the time comes.

The behaviourist may ask that you keep your cat inside before the consultation, so you will have to find a way to ensure that your cat stays indoors even a few days before your scheduled consultation.

Lastly, you have to understand that the behaviourist is there to help you, not to judge you, so don’t be afraid to be open and honest about what you have or haven’t done. This should be an opportunity to learn things that will help you and your cat get along better and improve their health and quality of life in the long run.

How We Can Be Helpful

If your cats are showing unwanted behaviour, know you can get help for your worries and problems with CatJudo’s services.

Cats are sensitive animals that can be affected by several factors in their environment that cause stress. 

What they can’t do is tell you what caused the stress or why they feel the need to pee on your bed or attack their longtime feline friend. We are committed to figuring out why your cat is acting up, helping it deal with the things that are making it act up, and teaching your cat new, good ways to interact with the world. 

We will give you and your family the answers and peace of mind you need. It’s important to realise that the positive training therapies designed for your cat can only work if everyone works on them together.

Here at Cat Judo, our number one priority is animal welfare. We’ll make sure you get some sound advice to help with your cat’s problem behaviour.

If you have more inquiries, you can contact us here.


An animal behaviour specialist is trained and knows about feline behaviour and how to change it. They help cat owners let their cats show their natural behaviours in ways that are good for the cats and the people who care for them.

No. Your cat’s personality and how it acts are two different things, just like with people. Your cat may be acting out (doing bad things) because of something in its environment or because it has a shy personality. The consulting process and any changes you make to its environment will not change its personality.

If you’ve tried to solve your cat’s behaviour problem on your own but haven’t been able to, you might want to hire a cat behaviour consultant. You can consult us for information that will help you choose a feline behaviour consultant based on how they train cats. You can also check our website, Cat Judo, to see how well they do their jobs and how happy their clients are.