Cats need to drink water to remain healthy. As a result, it can be helpful for them to rid themselves of toxins by flushing them out through their kidneys, as well as preventing organ dehydration.

You should ensure that your kitty has access to fresh water to ensure their happiness and health.

It’s not a secret that cats tend to be quite fussy. A bowl of fresh water can never win over stubborn cats, no matter how fresh it is. Later you’ll find them trying to catch droplets from the sink faucet with their head under the faucet, where they’re not allowed to stand, on a worktop where they’re not allowed.

To encourage more drinking by cats, cat owners should purchase a water fountain. Fountains come in many different types. With Cat Judo, you can find one that fits your cat’s needs!

Key Things to Remember When Buying the Best Ceramic Water Fountain


Pet fountains generally hold between 50 and 150 ounces. You may be fine with a smaller size if you only have one small cat. There will likely be a need for a bigger fountain if you have multiple or large cats.

Keeping the fountain mostly filled will ensure the pump runs properly. Lack of water could cause the pump to stop functioning or even break. To avoid running out of water, you should not wait until the water is completely gone before refilling it. To be safe, go with the larger size if you’re unsure.


There is a great deal of importance to having a filter. Additionally, this prevents the pump from becoming clogged and eventually breaking, keeping the water clean for your cat. Therefore, choosing a fountain with a high-quality filter is highly recommended to ensure the best water flow.

Carbon or charcoal is the ideal material for this filter. In addition to catching cat fur easily, it will also prevent the pump from clogging. A filter change can be costly, so you should also factor that into your decision. Changing the filter regularly will still be necessary, even if it is the best. A fountain with such a feature will cost much more overall because some are extremely expensive.


It is not a good idea to buy a fountain that will break in a few months. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that these fountains aren’t cheap. Usually, the pump, not the bowl, breaks on ceramic fountains.

The pump should be of high quality, so you should choose one accordingly. When determining the pump’s quality, looking at reviews is often the only way to go. Paying attention to information about durability can guide you in the right direction.

Noise Level

Whenever a pump is used, there is always the chance that the cat fountain will be quite loud. Fortunately, most of them are designed to be relatively quiet. It is common knowledge that noisy pumps scare cats, destroying the entire purpose of a fountain.

We found that most of the fountains we reviewed were quiet enough to ignore any noise that may bother you or your cat. Water movement can still be heard with a fountain, which is inevitable. All fountains have water that moves so that the water will make noise.

5 Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains

1. Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain

Drinkwell Pagoda Cerami

Compared to other dog and cat fountains, the Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain holds 70 ounces. Two separate drinking areas make this ceramic fountain ideal for households with multiple cats. There is no noise coming from this fountain. Most of the time, you’ll just hear water circulating. There is almost no noise from the pump.

Pumps circulate water, and a foam filter keeps it clean using low-voltage electricity. A carbon and coconut shell filter is used to make this device. You can replace it as needed to keep the water clean for a long time.

2. PetSafe Creekside Ceramic Pet Fountain

PetSafe Creekside Ceramic

This device is ideal for multiple cats to drink at once and do so in their preferred style. Anyone with more than one cat will appreciate this product’s large 60oz capacity. Small dogs can also drink from it. Anyone looking for simplicity will love this product. Its modern design works seamlessly in any home, with its all-white finish and undecorated tower.

As the fountain does not have ridges, you can wipe it clean or stick it in the dishwasher to make cleaning a breeze. There are only carbon and foam filters in this ceramic cat water fountain so it could use additional filtration. This fact, however, is undoubtedly overshadowed by other aspects, such as its whisper-quiet motor and clever design.

3. Miaustore Dog & Cat Ceramic Water Fountain

Miaustore Dog & Cat Ceramic

Featuring three levels with cascading water, the Miaustore fountain is intended for dogs and cats. Your cats will have the option to drink from eight distinct drinking areas. Thanks to its large capacity, multiple pets can drink from this 115oz bowl at once. Furthermore, cats are sure to be drawn to the multi-tiered design.

With four colours to choose from, the overall design looks extremely elegant. Moreover, the fountain has a high-gloss finish, making it easy to clean and look great. Also, it can be disassembled easily and is dishwasher safe, meaning you won’t have to worry about washing it. The fountain does not have a filter, so cleaning up might be challenging.

4. Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain

Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic

This Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Dog & Cat Fountain is a basic but expensive model. It is among the more expensive options available. In addition to having a 70-ounce capacity, its porcelain design gives it extra aesthetic appeal and makes it easy to clean. A two-stream system oxygenates and increases the overall flow of the water.

Filters come with the Avalon pet fountain, but they need to be replaced frequently, which can cost a lot of money. As far as filters go, they’re not very good. There’s a tendency for drinking water to get dirty and slime to accumulate along the porcelain bowl.

5. Wonder Creature Pet Water Fountain

Wonder Creature Pet Water

Wonder Creature Pet Water Fountain is an easy-to-clean water fountain for cats. Cats will be enticed by the falling water and cupcake design and drink more water. There is only one filtration system: a charcoal filter that purifies water and a foam filter that captures larger particles like cat food.

Any grime can be easily wiped off the smooth interior surface. Also included being cleaning brushes that make cleaning all the internal pipes even easier. The cat drinking fountain can also be disassembled easily for easy cleaning. The small size allows them to clean inside the pipes, ensuring they are equally clean inside and out.


A ceramic cat water fountain can help encourage them to drink more often and keep them hydrated. They are also relatively easier to clean than other fountain types. Here are some key factors why you should pick out the best cat water fountain:

Check out Cat Judo for more tips on picking out cat essentials like a cat litter box or toy.


Why does my cat fountain get slimy?

A cat fountain is a fixture that dispenses water to a cat. It is usually made of plastic and comes with a pump that allows the water to flow from the bottom of the fountain to the top. This can be problematic because it can produce slimy particles. There are a lot of reasons why your cat fountain gets slimy. It could be due to the wrong filter, cat food residue, dirty water, or a blocked filter.

Is a water fountain or bowl better for cats?

Bowls and water fountains are very similar. Some cats prefer to drink from a cat bowl, but others prefer to drink from a ceramic or plastic fountain. Cats like to drink, and the water should always be fresh. But cats are not so fond of drinking from bowls. So, a fountain is better for cats than a bowl because it doesn’t have to be refilled often.

Do ceramic cat fountains need a filter?

Filters are not necessary for cats’ water fountains to work. But they reduce nasty odors and tastes, keep the water clean, and help reduce dirt buildup, so cleaning is easier. Use a filter to ensure that your fountain lasts as long as possible. The best fountains come with filters that soften hard water with multiple layers and remove unwanted metal ions.

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