People let cats live with them for many reasons. Some people want a fluffy friend to share a couch or bed with, while others have young children who want a playmate who doesn’t need much care.

Other people who live with cats do so for a different reason. But most people like cats because of their natural skills, especially their ability to hunt. Cats have walked alongside humans since immemorial as valued assets for controlling the rodent population. Cats have been good business partners for thousands and thousands of years on farms, in port cities, and even on the decks of ships.

For those who want to get a cat to catch mice in their house, the most common question is deciding which one is best. There are a lot of different kinds of cats. There are almost too many to choose from. Still, some breeds are more intelligent and have sharper claws.

Cats Catching Mice


Top 10 Best Cat For Getting Rid Of Mice

1. Siamese,

The first choice for the Thai royal family was a Siamese Cat. This cat breed has long been a favourite for hunting down rats, mice, and other rodents. Even today, this royal cat breed is a great hunter with great hunting instincts that help it find and eliminate pests like mice. The Siamese cats are known worldwide for how well they can catch mice.

2. Japanese Bobtail

Their name isn’t quite what it seems. The first Bobtails came to Japan from Korea. They were bred specifically as hunting cats, helping silk factories keep the mouse population at bay. Back home, the Japanese Bobtail was seen as a sacred animal, as many other cat breeds have been. People who own cats today like this breed because it is good company for both adults and kids. They sometimes even play in the water.

3. Siberian

The Siberian Cat breed comes from Russia and Siberia, so it is perfect for people who want a cat that can handle living in a colder climate. The Siberian may be significant and fluffy, but it is a very agile and quick hunter. This makes it perfect for catching their prey, such as mice, rats, and other large rodents.

4. Manx

The Manx breed comes from the Isle of Man, a small island between Ireland and England with its government. People who make their living at sea have always liked this breed. Both on ships and land, the Manx are skilled hunters. It became a favourite of farmers who needed help keeping rodents and other pests away from their crops.

5. Maine Coon

Maine Coon are one of the giant domesticated cat breeds, and their long, soft, water-resistant fur makes them easy to spot. Some cat experts think this breed came to America on sailing ships, where their coats would have been helpful on the wet planks.

6. Chartreux

France is where the Chartreux cat breed comes from. They like to play games with their owners and interact with them, but they can also be serious, especially when hunting rodents. This type of cat has a natural desire to hunt. They are quick, strong, and elegant, perfect for catching mice and other fast rodents. They were a favourite on French farms, and people still like them because they are friendly and have a knack for pest control.

7. Persian

Persians are an excellent choice for cat owners who want an attractive cat with a soft, luxurious coat. The Persian is a beautiful breed of cat, and they are also very good at catching mice. When they find a mouse, these cats kill it quickly and satisfactorily. This breed of cat is known for being innovative, even though they act like they don’t care about anything. Female Persians have the instinct to hunt mice and other small animals, so if you want a cute mouser, you should get a female Persian cat.

8. Bengal

The Bengal cat is one of the most creative and active types of cat you can get. They are excellent hunters who can catch any mouse they can smell, and they love the thrill of catching and killing mice. The first Bengal cats were brought into the world in the 1960s. They were made by crossing an Asian Leopard cat with a domesticated cat. Since the genes of their wild ancestors are still in them, domestic Bengals are still natural hunters.

9. Abyssinian

This cat breed is very active, making them perfect for catching lots of mice at once. They seem never to get tired of looking for and eating mice. The Abyssinian cat breed is intelligent and good at hunting, but it also makes a good house cat and likes to play with its owners and other cats. Abyssinians are known for not being lazy cats. They will demand attention from their owners and make noise when it’s time to eat. This cat would love a “job” around the house, like catching and killing mice.

10. Balinese

The Balinese cat breed is very active and likes to talk a lot. They love playing with their owners and other cat toys that catch their attention. If your Balinese sees a mouse, they might want to catch it, but sometimes they might not. But this doesn’t make them a wrong choice as a good mouser cat breed, as many Balinese cat owners say their cat has caught and killed a lot of mice that come into the house.


These are the best breeds to look into if you want to get rid of pests and have thought about getting a hunting cat. Aside from these essential tips, your cat should care for itself well. What’s your preferred breed?


Are Cats Natural hunters?

Yes. Cats have a natural urge to hunt, which makes them want to catch small, fast-moving animals. You may notice that they like toys that move. This is because toys that move help your cat focus on their hunting skills.

If a Cat Catches a Mouse, Can it eat it?

If you haven’t tried to poison a mouse population, your cat can eat the mouse without getting sick. But if you have a lot of mice, your cat is more likely to leave a dead mouse where it fell instead of eating it.

If you have cats, will mice stay away?

Most of the time, cats do an excellent job of keeping mice away from the main parts of the house. But this doesn’t mean the mice are gone for good and usually need to be removed by a professional.