Nothing is more upsetting than having cat urine odour spread throughout your home. Getting past these scents in smaller living spaces, such as apartments or condos, might be challenging. As a result, cat owners feel irritated and might feel like wanting to abandon their pets!

Instead of giving up, why not invest in the best cat urine air freshener?

This guide will not only shed light on the best air freshener for cat urine but also what to look out for when purchasing an air freshener for cat litter boxes and how to utilise an air freshener in a cat-friendly home.


Which Air Fresheners Should Be Kept Near Each Location?

Keeping only one air freshener near the kitty litter will not keep the entire house smelling as lovely as possible. Instead, we advocate installing a system throughout the house that properly coordinates to make everything as fragrant as possible.

The best configuration is to have an air freshener that focuses on the smell of kitty litter, keeps the entire house smelling beautiful, and is something for emergencies. Even in the best of circumstances, scents may become overwhelming.

Close to the Litter Box

You need something near your cat’s litter box that removes the stench from the box and any mould and other hazards. We highly recommend the Germ Guardian Pluggable Air Purifier & Sanitiser for this because it performs all of the necessary functions. This solution can eliminate the worst scents at their source, not only keeping your cat healthy but also protecting you from the dangers of their litter. Because it only uses lights and filters, the device is safe for your cat and its delicate nose.

In the House

Moving away from the cat litter, the fragrance commonly associated with cats is musky, and non-cat owners may detect it immediately. Various factors can cause this musky pet odour, which may persist even after thoroughly cleaning the house and cat.

The easiest way to combat this cat odour is to distribute one or two Glade Automatic Spray Holders throughout your home. These refillable holders will spray a bit of a pet-friendly air freshener regularly to eliminate any odours that may be making their way around the sanitiser.

In Case of Emergencies

Even if your cats are well-trained, there can be instances when something goes wrong, especially if they are young or old. It’s possible that you went to the bathroom or that whatever you made has a powerful odour that irritates you and your feline companion.

In some circumstances, the sanitiser and automatic system will not be strong enough to help remove the odour, but the Febreeze Air Freshener Spray, Heavy Duty, would. You may eradicate any unpleasant odours in the house by manually using this pet-safe air freshener.

Five Best Cat Air Fresheners

Pluggable GermGuardian Air Purifier & Sanitizer

Sanitizing the air is the most excellent technique to ensure that the stench is gone and that nothing harmful is being pushed into the air. The GermGuardian is a multi-purpose cleaner that sanitises the air while also removing odours, making it ideal for the room where you store the litter.

Furthermore, because it uses an internal light system and filters to eliminate anything undesirable from the air thoroughly, it does not need to be replenished as frequently. This enables the system to function for several weeks without needing replacement parts or chemicals.


Citrus Magic Pet Air Freshener

The Citrus Magic Air Freshener For Pets is a little box that may be placed in the corner of any room with the biggest odour problem and will last up to 12 weeks. Because the box is so small and convenient, it may be placed immediately in the litter box to help eliminate odours as they leave the box.

It should be emphasized, however, that technique is ineffective in larger households and does not sanitise the air. It just helps to eliminate any scents that may be leaking from the kitty litter; we’ve had several cat owners complain about this, with the odour smelling like a combination of cat urine and citrus.


TrueAir Plug by Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach TrueAir Plug, like the GermGuardian, filters the air in a room to reduce the stench of cat litter. This system is also simple because it contains a changeable pod that is inexpensive and quick to plug into the dock station.

Placing it near the kitty litter will help keep all odours contained while also ensuring that it is not mixed up with the odours. The biggest drawback of this small plug-and-play odour eliminator is that it may not be effective if the room is large and the litter box is in a remote area.


Spray Fresh Wave odour Eliminator

We recommend keeping Fresh Wave odour Eliminator Spray on hand and spraying it twice a day into the room where the kitty litter is kept. Like other sprays, it is effective in eradicating odours from whatever is causing them, including cat litter, which may be causing a musky smell throughout your home.

Because the spray is aerosolised, it physically connects with the air that creates the unpleasant odour, sanitising it while also making it smell much better. Often, these sprays will make the filthy air heavier, forcing it to fall to the floor and not create any respiratory difficulties.


Febreeze Pet Air Freshener for Small Spaces

The Febreeze Little Spaces Pet Air Freshener is a small pod that can last up to 45 days and may be placed on a shelf near the kitty litter without affecting its smell. It is effective with tiny animals and will make any room with a scent problem a breeze to live in.

The little pod can nearly be placed in the litter box because the odour it emits is not harmful to animals. However, because cats are curious, they may be tempted to play with it, so keep a watch on it for the first few weeks, as the liquid might be irritating.


How to Use the Best Cat Urine Air Freshener

Test in Several Locations

Assume you buy a good air freshener for your home and want to use it straight away. Where will you put it, and how will you know it’s in the optimum location?

As a cat owner, you should ask these questions.

As a result, it is advised to use the first week as a trial period. This implies you should pick 2-3 areas near the litter box and place the air freshener there. You do this for a few days before moving to the following location. Repeat this process until you locate a location that has the most influence on eradicating cat urine odour.

Please don’t assume the first spot is correct because it isn’t.

There are various factors to consider when deciding where to place a new air freshener. This includes the air movement in your room, the location of the litter box, and the size of your living area.

Pay attention to these things to ensure you get the greatest cat urine air freshener. Otherwise, you will not notice good results, and the product’s efficiency will decrease soon. This is why conducting some preliminary testing is always a good idea.

Regularly clean the area.

Going out and buying the greatest air freshener for cat urine is excellent, but that doesn’t mean you can skip cleaning the litter box!

You must keep the room as tidy as possible.

This includes the cat litter box, flooring, walls, and anything else that comes into contact with feces. Remember that these impurities amplify the odour and spread it throughout the house.

Unfortunately, some cat owners do not do this, which reduces the effectiveness of the air freshener.

Consider setting a routine for checking the litter box after your cat pees. This allows you to make changes fast and maintain the room as clean as possible.

The pet odour will immediately disappear once you clean the space and have the air freshener. This is why investing in the correct type of air freshener and modifying your habits as a cat owner is critical.

If you don’t take the time to do this regularly, the best cat urine air freshener won’t be able to keep up with the impurities.

Keep it out of the reach of the cat.

When choosing the best air freshener for cat urine, consider where and how the solution will be utilised.

In some circumstances, a spray-based air freshener for cats will suffice. These are simple to apply and can be sprayed around the litter box. What if you choose a stand-alone pack that must be installed someplace in the room?

In this circumstance, you must choose anything out of the path that will not jeopardise your cat.

Because a cat can be harmed by biting into an air freshener, keeping it out of reach and as safe as possible is critical.

The best way to keep an air freshener out of a cat’s reach is to place it higher up. This will ensure that the cat will jump up and reach it.

It’s a good idea to look around to see whether your cat can reach the air freshener. In terms of performance, as long as it is in the top half of the room (i.e., shelf, stand), you should be fine.

If necessary, you can close off the area to make it more difficult for the cat to reach or paw at the goods.


You must consider this while looking for the finest air freshener for cat urine.

Take the advice, compare cat air fresheners, and select the one that permanently eliminates that noxious odour!

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How can I keep my cat-filled house odour-free?

Cats are recognised for their sense of smell, which leads to the inevitable litter box. The litter box might be a nasty place, but there are several things you can do to keep it smelling nice.

A cat owner can first ensure that the litter is changed regularly and that an odour control cat litter is used. There are numerous brand odour control cat litters on the market, so finding one that works well for you and your cats should be simple.

Another suggestion for keeping your house odour-free is to keep the litter box away from where you spend most of your time. This will assist in keeping odours from lingering in the air or on surfaces in your home.

Are essential oil diffusers safe for cats?

Many individuals have inquired about the safety of essential oil diffusers for cats. This essay will investigate whether or if these diffusers are safe for cats and, if so, how to use them safely.

The first thing to remember is that not all essential oils are appropriate for cats. Cats have a far more sensitive sense of smell than humans and can be easily overpowered by powerful odours. Regarding essential oils, ingestion is also a worry because many oils contain chemicals that, if consumed, can cause significant injury to dogs. When using an essential oil diffuser with your cat, always choose water-based or essential oils with minimal toxicity, such as lavender and eucalyptus.